Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mean Mamma...

I already know that I will be a strict mother.
I believe in discipline & well mannered children.
I believe in bed times.
I believe in respect.

I had a mean mamma and I still love her!

If you ask KSD she will tell you that she made me go to bed when the sun was still out.
The brother and I had a very strict bed time of 8pm every night.
Unless it was Thursday and the Cosbys were on or a special like Charlie Browns "Great Pumpkin" was on the television.

She didn't allow back talk and you couldn't question her authority.
We never asked "why not?" when she told us we couldn't do something.
That would unleash her rath and you didn't want to unleash her rath!

She demanded respect.
We said "yes mam & no sir".
We would get an open hand smack in the mouth for saying "yeah" when we were called.
My mothers friends loved being around us because we were so well mannered.
I remember one account where the brother and I were in the back seat of the car and the mother was having a conversation with her friend in the front seat.
The brother said "Excuse me, Mommy"
The mother replied "In a minute I'm talking"
After about 10 minute the mothers friend said "you never answered your son!"
The mother then apologized to the brother and answered his question.

This was typical.
The mother wasn't into bratty children who demanded attention or sulked because they couldn't have their way.
I think parents need to realize that you are raising children that will grow into adults.
They will be in the workforce one day.
If they are used to you catering to every whim how will they adjust to a boss who says "NO!".

I feel very grounded because the mother set boundaries.
I knew that I couldn't run over her.
She had control of our home, because that was her job.
She didn't take no mess and I think it made me a better person.

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