Thursday, November 02, 2006

Salty, sour, dilly...

I love all things salty!
When I say I love sour, I don't mean the "super sour" candies of this new generation.
I mean sour cream.
I love dill pickles over sweet pickles.
I detest sweet pickles.
The mother loves them.
I love real mayo.
I hate Miracle Whip.
To the point that if I am making a sandwich and all you have is Miracle Whip then I wont eat.
The mother loves Miracle Whip.
I grew up on Miracle Whip.
In high school at a friends house I discovered, Mayo.
Hellaman's to be exact.
It was so good.
Total perfection.
I grew up thinking that I hated coleslaw.
It was always made with Miracle Whip and very sweet.
(The mother probably added sugar to it, because she adds a spoonful of sugar to everything.
She cringes when Emeril adds a dash of salt to the peach cobbler mixture.)

The redheaded Aunt always makes coleslaw in the summer.
I told her I hated coleslaw but tried hers after I watched her add scallions, fresh lemon juice, garlic, and Hellmans Mayo to the shreded cabbage.
it was wonderful!
The opposite of Sugar Slaw.
So I know love redheaded Aunt's cole slaw.
I want some...

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