Monday, August 27, 2007

Yes I'm smelling myself...

Current mood: loved
Category: One is the Magic Number Life

I am loving me some Kamilah Michelle!

From my curly, kinky mane to my full lips, to my fleshy arms to robust breast to my soft chubby stomach to my thick thighs to my skinny legs to my size 7 & a half feet-I'M LOVING ME!!!!! Totally.
I love my mind, my sweetness, my wit, my humor, my knowing what I want and not taking any bull shit. I love the woman I am and who i am becoming.

I honor myself. I respect myself. I teach young girls and women how to do the same. (It's a passion of mine) Self love self esteem loving me.

I am a Divine Creation of God. I am from HIM-He is a part of me.
(Aint that cool )

As Jill said in "One is the Magic Number":
So many times I define my prideThrough somebody else's eyes
Then I looked inside and found my own stride,
I found the lasting love for me
If I'm searching for my spiritualityPassionately
I must begin with me
There's just me...One is the magic number

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

UPDATE:: I need another beauty habit like i need a hole on the head

I totally forgot to mention that last Tuesday I officially became "Brazilian" and I loved it!! I did major meditation/yoga breathing and pulled through like a champ.
(i do have a high pain tolerance so don't go based on my experience)
I went to the best and first place to bring Brazilian waxes to the US-J Sisters!
And to top it all off I had the original J Sister Jane. She is the one who decided to go to America and wax in the 80's. She was fab! I'm hooked on them now.
I must be a closest exhibitionist because I wasn't put off by the camera. Plus I knew they were only shooting my face.
Jane did tell me that i will now attract a boyfriend...
Hi Guys!
Damn its been more than a minute since I posted!
I have a new apartment in BROOKLYN (bed-stuy to be exact).
Its a two room studio or jr. 1 bed room how ever you want to phrase it, but its DOPE!!!!!
And after i finish trickin it out on the decoration tip!!! Watch OUT!

In acting news-Rehearsal is going well we only have 4 weeks until the show so we are on the grind!
Its going to be a good show, I'm having so much fun with the characters.
(And the theatre is in walking distance from my new apartment!)

Everyday it gets better and better or awesomer & awesomer!