Thursday, April 26, 2007

Had fun but no go-

The audition was ok yesterday.
They only wanted me to wear lingerie on the stage.
No big deal to me.
But they wanted a cacasian actress.
I had asked the writer to let me audition (a sista) and she did.
I've learned a lesson about myself.
Tyra saidon ANTM that it is easier to pull a girl that goes overboard back then try to pull the life out of someone.
So I need to go overboard on these theatre auditions.
Lessons learned!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Racy Content...

Tonight I have an audition for a play that has racy content and simulated sex!
My mother is beside herself because she is co convinced that I will be the star of Players Ball 2.
I'm just auditioning.
Checking the script.
I may love it, I may think its garbage.
But I'll have fun!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Not much happening in the acting world.
My Sorority is producing the "Colored Museum".
I am really excited.
We will be having auditions next month.
I've read the script and really know what part I want.
Life is GOOD!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Luke Perry heard over 200 "no's"...

So I didn't land this one. AWWWW Shucks!!
But I'm ok.
It was a good experience.
I'm still hanging in there.
2007 is still great.
Waiting in vain???

So, Thursday has come and gone with no word from the sketch troupe!
WHY LORD WHY!!!!!!!!
So I emailed them this morning-like they requested us to if we didn't hear from them by Friday.
Maisha is convinced that it is a ploy to see who is really interested in the troupe.
The true people will email.
I'm not so sure.
From past experience I think that they don't usually call the people that they don't cast.
But they said they would call either way...
So I am still waiting for a call or email from these people.
But I am glad I had the experience.
It was probably the most fun audition I have been on so far!
I am blessed!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Audition #2....

Ok, I knew I bombed this audition last night.
I wasn't getting any of the games, and my partner was low energy.
It just was bad.
So when my friend Kristen e-mailed me and told me I didn't make it.
Lets just say I wasn't shocked.

I had so much fun at the other sketch audition.
I felt alive and excited.
Not so much last night.
But so is life!

No word yet on the other troop.
Matter of fact my cell hasn't rang all day!!!
I'm still keeping the faith!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Funtimes at the Callback...

I had a blast at the callback.
16 people were there and they are going to cast 9-12.
There were only 4 girls so the odds are good.
Each person had to pitch an idea for a sketch to the producers.
4 of the pitches will be selected for the group to try out.
My pitch was one of the ones selected.
We only had a short time to prepare it.
It came out OK but I think once developed it will be so funny!
We played several Improv games.
I kept thinking I'm having such a good time-someone wants to pay me to do this?!
They said we would know either way but Thursday.
God is good! Life is good!
I have another audition for a different sketch group tonight.
Watch me break a leg!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

CALL BACK for Audition #1...

So tonight at 7pm I have a call back for the sketch comedy group.
I have to come with some ideas for a sketch witch I was working on while i was on my vacay to the South.
I love the ATL-its already Spring there!

I will get cast.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


So I went to my audition and had a wonderful time!
I did about 1:30 of Miss Minnie and then we did some
group improv style exercise.
I had everyone rolling with the worst line someone could say
on Christmas: (Brooklyn accent)
"Good Morning, I just wanted to let you know I've given you the gift of crabs"

The producer and the other 2 writers were cracking up.
Thank God for giving me that jewel.
In Improv you have no time to think.
You just go!

The cool thing about this troop is that they start touring the country in August.
Me on tour as an actress!
The best!
I'm so worth it!!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

C'est Moi!!!!!!
Acting Blog...

I've decided to turn this into an acting blog.
To chronichle my rise/jump to success!!!
So tonight is my audition for an sketch/improv troop that travels around NYC and performs.
I'm going to knock them dead!
I'm such a star!
I'm BACK!!!!!

So I'm blogging again.
I just need to write right now.
I've been pretty successful with my goals in the 3months since I last spoke to you.
I created a character.
She performed a monologue!
I got a call back for a big national audition.
I've got an audition for an improv group tonight.
Thats what has me blogging.
My audition.
I'm excited but I'm afraid when they look at my resume they won't think I'm experienced enough.
The old me wouldn't have even showed up.
But new me is going.
And Miss Minnie is going to dazzle for her minute and a half.
And I will be cast.
There are no limits.