Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Love & the STRONG Black Woman...

So I'm "in like" with this brother that I haven't allowed myself to like in the past 6 months.
It's a lil scary.
I really had my heart broken in my last love affair, and I really don't want that.
My mind was doing everything to block this brother.
If he sneezed wrong, I was through.
But he would keep calling me.
Now I admit that he didn't do everything right, I had some legit reasons to be pissed at him.
But we had a talk the other morning and he expressed that those small things weren't worth throwing away something that has potential.
He was right.
So now I am "in like".
I am allowing myself to be open to him, and the possibility of this thing growing.
I'm not perfect but I have this perfect image of the man I want.
He didn't match some of my criteria so I was done, when he did anything wrong.
I quickly put him in the "jump off" or "friend" box.
Was that fair?
I don't know but at the time I thought it was.
I was STRONG, protecting me from wayward men who weren't putting my feelings in the forefront.
I have all these notions:
If he does "A" then I'm out cause that is a sign that he is:crazy, cheap,controlling, a wife beater, etc.
But that isn't necessarily fair.
Sometimes, its just a situation. Especially if he is willing to talk about it.
And this guy is a talker. He is a good communicator.
He actually asked me to talk about our issues.
I was amazed and very happy!
We actually sat down and discussed things.
I've never experienced a man leading that before.
I like it and I like him...

Monday, April 07, 2008

I rocked this audition!

WOW! its been forever since I blogged! I had a really good audition yesterday!
For a play-the "Spoken Word" version of Medea.
I did so well the director told me "You set the bar very high!"
I am super excitied. She said she will let me know by Wednesday.
Keep sending the prayers up!