Thursday, November 16, 2006

My worst food experience ever...

Over the weekend I was back in my dear old Bed-Stuy neighborhood.
I actually walked past my old brownstone!
I also walked past the infamous bodega of the neighborhood.
I caught a memory:

May 2002
I was in the mood for poptarts for a snack.
I galloped down the 3 flights of stairs and around the corner to the bodega.
I searched the dirty crowded isles.
They didn't have "poptarts" but they had "toaster treats".

**The bodega, like any other NYC bodega, was gross.
I only normally buy drinks or chips from there.
Never food!
Needless to say my poptart craving was strong!**

So I grabbed the toaster treats, paid, and went on my merry way home.
I opened the box and got to the individual packaged pop tart.
I took a bite and thought they tasted really stale.

I turned the poptart over and it had little maggots coming out of it!
I thought I was going to die!
Please believe I never got food out of that Bodega again!!

1 comment:

KSD said...

OK, I literally gagged reading this!! Thank you for reminding me of the filth in the city that I SOO don't miss!!!