Friday, November 17, 2006

Blessed to have...

I am spoiled!
I know this, but I'm ok with it.
My family still spoils me & I know I will find a husband that spoils me too.
All that to say that I will be going home for Thanksgiving!
The mother says that God blessed us because we didn't murmur or complain about me not being able to afford a ticket home.
I refused to beg the father because he has been going through enough of his own problems.
The mother bought a ticket for Labor Day so I couldn't complain.
Then over the weekend, the Uncle asked me if I wanted to go home, but I didn't want to beg.
I was going to enjoy 4 whole days to myself, with movies out, movies in, food and sleep!

I was actually looking forward to it.
Moosh was devastated.
She wanted me to call the Uncle and ask for an early Christmas present.
I refused.
At that point I'm sure she got on her knees and begged for the Almighty to make a way for me
to come home.

I have been watching the Food Network like crazy!
Its "Season's Eating" time.
So I had picked the dishes I would make for myself.
I was excitited.
Then I got an e-mail asking what day did I want to fly home.
Then a confirmation on a ticket that read "Enjoy your early Christmas gift"
I'm going home!!!
Buddha if you are reading this, I wanted to surprise you!
Don't tell anyone its a surprise!

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Anonymous said...

hey me when you get in. I'll be there too!!! ahall