Monday, January 21, 2008

I've got alot to do in this lifetime. i'm trying to work it out now.
I don;t have all the answers.
Lately I've felt lost.
There is this person inside me yearning to get out,
but she is stuck. By my blocks and fears.
I'm taking the steps to block those fears and I realize that I can not
do it alone...

Friday, January 18, 2008

Oh to play catch up!

The Colored Museum-was a success sort of...Due to lack luster ticket sales we only did Sunday's performance, which meant my dad flew to NYC for nothing. Thing is I got a great monologue out of it and I had a ball. Plus the friendships I made were everlasting.

"Why We Wax"-This was my first experience with editing. Never tell people that you are in something. I was originally supposed to be the focus of the movie. I invitied all my NY fam and co workers to the premiere, and I was in it for like 1 minute. DAMN! The director decided to go another route. I had fun and got a free wax from the best ladies in the biz. But damn they could have warned a sista as I would have gone by myself istead bringing 10 other people with me. Lesson learned.

Which leads me here to NOTHING.
I gotta get some help because I really stand in my own way.