Monday, November 13, 2006

So Simple...

I just read the quote that "Things don't change, we do".
I thought how remarkable!
Yet so simple.
Sometimes we outgrow people or places.
(Don't get nervous about London KSD!)
Sometimes we outgrow our old selves.

I respect my old self.
I needed her at the time that I had her.
She protected me when I needed to hide from the world the best that I could.
But all the while "she" had built up protective forces around me,
The new "Sunshine" was was growing inside.
The old me had no idea.
But God knew and He has helped me see the Light.
He is so amazing and loves me so much.
It is quite beautiful!
The way a Father loves his daughter!

Your birth parents may feel like,
"Geez you are 29, its time we stop nurturing you. Stop being there for you so you can stand on your own."
If they don't let you go they figure you will never grow.
It isn't that way with your Spiritual Father.
He is always there for you.
There are things that I 've prayed for that he is making a way.
In ways that I never expected.
He has opened my eyes to unexpected resources, that have been in front of me.

Things don't change we do.

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