Tuesday, October 31, 2006


This evening I will spend this ghoulishly fun night with Juicy J, Snickers & the red headed Aunt.
I am so hyped! It seems like so much fun!
I haven't gone "trick o'treating" in years.
Hopefully next year I will be invited to a Costume Party!
Or better yet KSD and I will be planning one for our business!!!

I need a laptop.
I am a Microsoft kinda of girl but a complete sucker for good marketing & advertising.
So Apple has gotten me!
There commercials are so funny, and there ad in the Instyle really sold me.
I can make mini movies and all kind of fun stuff.
It cost more than say a Dell but would be worth it!
So I will have to relearn how to use a computer by learning a MAC.
Oh well...

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