Monday, November 06, 2006

Maxwell & Myspace & Jealousy...

I'm a huge Maxwell fan.
I always liked his music, but my BFF Mai loved him & his music.
We went to his concert in Indy in 1999 and my love became real.
I was head over heels!
I'm constantly reading stuff about him online.
I'm on his fan pages.
And I found out that he has a myspace page.
I check it daily.
Even though I'm anti-myspace.
But I can't help checking up on him!

And check up on him I do.
He actually responds to some of his serious fans.
They chat with him!
My heart hurts behind that!

I mean Teddy Riley married a chick he met on Myspace.
I mean they are now getting a divorce but none the less they got married.
I think I'm really nuts over the whole thing because a pyschic told me that my
husband will be mixed black and something else-Asian, Puerto Rican, Indian, etc.
So I've convinced myself that Maxwell is my husband to be.
And I'm not even jealous of Camille the girl he is always taking to public events.
I tell you I am a lil' touched!

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