Friday, December 29, 2006


Happy New Year!!!
I'm so hyped for 2007.
I'll be 30 in OCTOBER!! (Yeah 30!)
What cha know about that?!
Wisdom youngins!
I can feel the greatness of 2007.
Boom, Pow, Surprise...OHHHHHHH!!!!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sell Out, Sucka, HYPOCRITE...

Sad but true, I am all of the above!!!
I posted a couple of months ago that I will never get on Myspace because I am too old!
Well I did it!
Straight up Sucka that I am!!!
Actually it wasn't my fault I will blame it on my favorite cousins-CoCo & Big Dave.
See I used to check up on them through "the space".
You can actually look at peoples pages without having one yourself.
Then those fools set there pages to private!
What the hell!!!!!
Over the Christmas break they informed me that it was "tough Love".
Damn them!
But it worked!
And now IM officially on the space.
It is like crack!

I'll hook everyone up with the link when it is hooked up.

In the meantime check out my home girl Adrienne's blog:
We go way back to the North Central Days.
One day when my silly self gets a new digital camera I too will have pics...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I am not a mother, and don't plan on being one anytime soon,
but, I often wonder how people with several children
establish close relationships with each child.
My paternal grandmother had 11 children and from the looks of
things she didn't do such a great job of having close relationships with
all of them.
She had favorites, and it showed.

My Mother had 2 kids, and growing up I didn't feel like she had a favorite.
And she cultivated a close relationship with us both.
According to preminision & psychics I am having 3 kids! (woo-hoo!!)
I am really happy about that but I wonder will I be able to be close to all of them.
Will I have personal jokes and other stuff with them.
I hope so!
I know it'll take work, but I'm up for the challenge-1 day!

Friday, December 15, 2006

New York, New York...

Yesterday, I found myself smack dab in the middle of Times Square.
As a New Yorker, I don't like Times Square.
Especially in December when there are 10 million tourist in your way.
But on the flip, I looked at Times Square through tourist eyes.
It was lovely!
I adored it!
All shiny and Christmasy and in major anticipation of Dec 31, 2006.

Tuesday, I was invited to "Radio City's Christmas Spectacular" featuring the Rockettes.
I had never been in all the time I have lived here.
It was AMAZING!!!
I love Christmas and it is the most over the top, wonderful Christmas celebrations that I have ever experienced!
They even do a "live nativity".
It is fantastic!!!!

Sometimes I just love this City!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Hey people,
I know it has been a while but I'm working on my 1 woman show and that takes alot of my writing time!
Anyhoo I borrowwed this from I thought it was cute!

So, here's how it works:1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool...

Opening Credits: Dancewitme-Maxwell
(I am just beside myself that Max randomly ended up on my list!)
Waking Up: You know that I love you-Donnel Jones
(This song would get me out of bed)
First Day at School: Imagination-Floetry
(I love floetry but I don't know this song-must listen)
Falling In Love: Friend of God-Isreal & New Breed
(How ironic that my falling in love song is gospel-my man would have 2 b a "Friend of God")
Fight Song: Always in my Head-India.Arie
(This proves that I am not a fighter-this song is baout music always on her mind)
Breaking Up: Me and those Dreaming Eyes of Mine-D'Angelo
(Am I breaking up because another guy sang this song 2 me and I'm getting with him?)
Prom: Love's Lines, Angles & Rhymes-5th Dimension
(This song is so fab but it doesnt fit any prom theme to me)
Life: Groove With You-Isley Brothers
(Ok-I'll take it. I like love songs to be my life theme!)

Mental Breakdown: Call Me-Al Green
(Makes sense if I'm having the breakdown due to the fact that my boo and I are in trouble)

Driving: Hot Fun in the Summer Time-Sly & the Family Stone
(Perfect fit! A great groove)
Flashback: One and Only-Mariah Carey & Twista
(??????? This one doesn't fit)
Wedding: Next Lifetime-Erykah Badu
(I guess I'm letting those other brothas know "I know I'm alot of woman but enough to divide the pie" Cool with me!)
Birth of Child: Can I get A-Jay Z
(This is the most randomess cracked out thing!)
Final Battle: The Perculator-Cajmere
(Got to be a "u got served" typed battle cause this is a party song!)
Death Scene:Take it From Here-Justin Timberlake
(God will "take it from here" at this point)
Funeral Song: Ordianry World-Aurora featuring Naimee Coleman
????? Club song from Europe-go figure)
End Credit: Your Love is King- Sade
(Thats my girl Any song by here would be cool to end it on!)

Friday, December 01, 2006

More great QUOTES:

"The Glory of GOD is the human being fully ALIVE"

"Life is a banquet, and some of you fools are starving!"-Josephine Baker
(I am not trying to starve, okaaay)

"But no one is going to take notice of me unless I put myself out there
and risk everything for what i truly believe in.
And they still might not take notice after it is all said and done.
But I will have done it!"- Kimberly Wetherwell
Self Love...

Yesterday proved to be a great day of television.
And not due to my normal Thursday line up of Ugly Betty, The Office, & Greys Anatomy.
It all started with Oprah...
The show focused on Ellen Burnstyn who wrote a book that I really want to read called
"Lessons in Becoming Myself".
She talked alot about her experiences. But after the break different celebs would discuss
the lessons they have learned in discovering themselves.
Which is an ongoning process, since we evolve.
Actress Kimberly Elise said that once she let go of fear.
The whole world opened up to her.

Everyone, I mean everyone talked about self love.
And not giving away your power to men.

Later that evening I watched "iconoclast" on Sundance.
The featured guests were Maya Angelou and Dave Chapelle.
I knew that this was going to be an amazing meeting of the minds.
I totally respect Dave Chapelle.
He had to do what was best for him.
He had to have personal integrity.
Of Course Dr. Angelou commended him on that.
She has had such a full life.
She took risks.
She did things that other people only dream about.
And she did so many things.
Kind of like me.

Maya Angelou spoke about African Americans coming from such strong stock, and how we are so important.
Everyone is important.
It was really cool and I wouldn't have known about it if it wasn't for my black celebrity blogs that I read everyday!