Monday, September 25, 2006

Control Freak...

I have never considered myself a control freak. Never.
I am a worker bee.
Give me a task and I will do it.
I generally don't like to be in charge.
Until I decided to have a birthday party.
This is going to be a little fete.
Game night with about 8 people.
No big deal, until I decided I wanted to have a tablescape...
I watch to much "semi-home made" on Food network and the old show from Style network
called "your invited".
Both shows, give detailed descriptions of how to throw a cool azz party for cheap.
And I also came across an "In-Style Party Guide" book.
So I'm totally wrapped into throwing my own b-day party.

The Red Headed Aunt insisted on buying me a cake.
(I was going to make it)
But I am making the food and decorating.
A couple people have given suggestions on what I should serve but this is my b-day
not theirs.
I'm serving good finger food.
But no pigs in a blanket.
I don't like it and never have, even as a kid.
So get over it.

I'm actually having fun planning this.
I really don't want anyone to blindly surprise me with a bridal or baby shower.
I would want to be totally involved in the planning process.
That is control freakish behavior.

But I don't feel bad if the only thing I'm control freakish about are parties that I'm throwing!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Too Damn Old...

Myspace is a new cultural phenomon.
Generation "Y" is all into it.
My cousins want me to set up an account, since it is a super simple way to keep in touch
with people.

I thought about it.

I've come to the conclusion that I am too old to have a myspace account!
I am damn near 30!
How do I look having people younger than my brother requesting to be my "friend".

I am a firm believer in "age appropriate".
A couple years ago I went to a popular club in NYC.
One guy and I were dancing on the dance floor and he started trying to holler.
I asked him his age and he exclaimed "21".
I was taken aback!
I'm a grown ass woman-I like to get my groove on with the "Grown & Sexy" crowd.

Needless to say, I never went back to that club.
If a club isn't 25 and over I probably won't go.

I'll be 29 in a matter of weeks and I'm hyped!
I was raised by a woman who felt like she didn't get any sense until 40.
I like getting older and I'm blessed to come up in a era where 50 is the new 30.
Its so true.
I just saw some pics of Stacy Dash who is 40 and she looks every bit as good as she did in Clueless.
My red headed Aunt is totally fab!
I wish I had half of her clothes and she is my age! (hee hee)

Look, I know my limits and some things are left to the 20 somethings and the teens.
I truly believe that Myspace is one of them!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Slips n'Trips...

I admit it, I am clumsy! I will fall or stumble at the drop of a hat.
In my dating days (I'm on a long break) I would wear my really high heels
and inform the lucky fella that I would be clutching on to him for dear life
for the rest of the night...(They liked it)

I've been this way for as long as I can remember and NYC doesn't help
with its cracked sidewalks and slippery man hole covers.

I usually spend most of my time looking at the ground so I'll notice if the sidewalk has a dent in it the size of that great hole in Arizona.
But I've gotten cocky...
I haven't fallen in public in a couple of months, so I haven't been looking at the ground.
I've been taking in this great city.
And then it happened (and I knew it would)
I toppled...Yesterday.
Not a fall exactly.
I was in front of Dylan's candy bar minding my own biz noticing how azure the sky was
and my left foot flipped on its side.
I was able to catch myself & let out a loud chuckle that let all of the passer bys know that I
was alright.

But I was embarrassed, I always am when I fall.

And It doesn't matter my size, or the height of my heel.
Hell, yesterday I had on flats!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Help da' children...

Hello everyone! I haven't posted in a while. I've been distracted looking for a new job, walking on my treadmill, trying to eat smaller portions, going to the dentist....

But alas I had a good weekend! I hung out with Kimmy, shopped, put my match maker skills to use, realized that I may have pyschic ability or super strong intuition, saw Zack Braff in "the Last Kiss" (it was great), and had some damn good banana ice cream.

I also attended Sorority Mtg. in Harlem- if you want to know the scoop call me.

My Sundays always consist of "Flavor of Love" and "The Wire".
The Wire is tearing me up because they are focusing on how children end up being in the drug game.
These inner city kids have it bad!
So I've decided to help out.
I'm going to join the Big Sister Program.
My meeting is on Thursday and I'm super excited!
If I can influence one person!

Monday, September 11, 2006

National Holiday...

It is September 11, 2006. 5 years after the attack on the World Trade Center.
Every radio station, tv channel, newspaper, & any other media outlet is focusing on the event.

Survivors recount their stories, and I cry.
They show footage of the Towers collapsing, and I cry.
They show the fireman and policemen that lost so many people, and I cry.
I have to turn the radio station and listen to Gospel music on my Ipod!
It is too sad!

If the media is going to rehash every detail like this then I need a day off from work.
A national holiday.
I can't be expected to order supplies, track down the cheapest hotel rates in midtown, and connect conference calls through tears! (I know you wish you had my glamorous job)
I can't focus!
I need to be at home in my bed with some hot coco and a tissue box having a silent tribute.
(And I should get paid for it)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My Philosophy...

I found this poem by Georgina Goodman in a magazine. This is how I want to live out my life! Enjoy:

Love is our Freedom
Work is our play
Creativity is our passion
collaboration is our psychology
Joy is our emotion
Soul is our Boundary
Family is our culture
Balance is our creed
Inspiration is our guide
Being is our vision...

Friday, September 01, 2006

Friends...How many of us Have them?

I never had trouble making friends.
I am pretty agreeable, funny, and have a big smile.
I always had a "click" of girlfriends.
I always had a "best" friend:

Kindergarten/First grade: KSD
Second-I truly don't remember
Fourth/Fifth-Dawn Brown
Middle School-Tish Jefferson
9th Grade-Ebony WB & KSD
10th-12th: Ebony, KSD & Adri
College: Moni D, Moosh, & KSD
Adult Life in NYC-Moosh, Marl, & Matt, later-KSD-and other people who I'd hang out with.

Current-All of my Best buds have moved away or we have fallen out.

This is really hard for me!

I have always had someone that I can hang out with at all times!
It truly started when Moosh moved in September 2005.
We have known each other since highschool, but through dating 2 guys that were best friends we really got close.
My life plan was to move to NYC to pursue my acting career, when I finished undergrad.
Her plan was to become a psychologist, and to my glee she was accepted to Grad school in Queens!
So once again we were together, navigating the single life in NYC.
We had a ball. We had crazy experiences, so many that we all ways joke that we should write a book about "dating in the NYC".
We always had each others backs and it was great.
Then she moved back to Indy...
And my gay husband broke up with me, and Marl hardly ever returns my phone calls, KSD is a new mom, and I'm alone.

But I'm trying not to be sad about it, I'm trying to forge new friendships but it is hard to make friends as an adult!
I do have Kimmy, but I'm sure I drive her nutty!

My mother has come up with a solution that just might work...


So the meeting is on September 9th, where I plan on reactivating and joining committee groups and making I can have a social life again.
Lord please!