Monday, November 20, 2006

100 things to do before love...

I just stumbled on this amazing blog that this lady put together.
It covers 100 things that she wants to accomplish before she falls in love, again.
I thought this was awesome.
As a culture we seem to think we need to do things in pairs.
That singles don't really enjoy life.
They are secretly just waiting to go from me to we.
I am a complete person.
I am the perfect manifestation of God!
All by my beautiful black self!
Now when me and my destined do hook up we will be two amazing individuals choosing to create a new life together.
So I'm trying to come up with 100 things that I need to do by my single self before my man gets here:
(in no particular order)
1. Attend Shakepeare in the Park
2. Go see Rocky Horror Picture Show sing along at midnight
3. Take 200 pictures on a digital camera.
4. Add pictures to my blog
5. Travel alone
6. Wear a wig for a day
7. Host a dinner party
8. Read poetry everyday for 2 weeks
9. Change hair color
10. Grow out my natural hair
11. Buy a pair of Manolo Blaniks
12. Get a nose earring
13. Audition for at least 10 things
14. Write my own monologue or short
15. Go on a date from a personal ad or a web dating service.
16. Go on a date with some one non black
17. Bake bread from scratch
18. Get paid for doing something creative.
19. Rollerskate down the westside highway.
20. Go to the Whitney, Moma & Brooklyn museum of Art.
21. Learn to say "I love you" in 5 different languages
22. Make soup from scratch
23. Learn to make homemade pie crust
24. Rent 10 movie classics that I have never seen
25. Read all of August Wilsons plays
26. Rent 5 musicals that I have never seen
27. Rent 5 foreign films that I haven't seen.
28. See every movie nominated for "best picture" academy award.
29. In Manhattan walk from East end to West end.
30 Take a professional picture with my New York cousins.
31.Take voice lessons
32. Become a yoga fanatic
33.Mediate for 10 minutes daily
34.Travel Europe-especially Italy & France! I am a wanna be fracophile.
35. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge
36. Write hand written letters to friends and family. Mail them out!
37. Find a signature stationary.
38. Find a signature scent.
39.Try a new exotic cheese every week.
40. Make a complete Rachel Ray 30 minute meal in 30 mintues!
41. Sing at a Karyoke bar.
42. Drive from New York to LA

If you can think of anything leave it in the comments!


Anonymous said...

34. Travel to Ghiradelli ( sp) square in san francisco
35. visit Rome
36. walk across the Golden Gate Bridge
37. Write a letter (yes, pen & paper) to 5 of your closest friends and mail it!
38. drive somewhere that's over 4 hours away and spend a weekend
39. Eat (or taste test) all of ben & jerry's ice cream flavors!
p.s. I love this!!! i think i will use a post like this for the reintroduction to my blog. i'm trying my best to get mine back up before christmas.
(what's the lady's blog url?)

see you friday!

KSD said...

Hey there...I love this list! And i think it's really important to establish the BEST and most COMPLETE YOU before becoming a "WE". And you'll be surprised how little ME time you have once you are a WE (let alone a THREE), so girl, live up your singledom while you still have it!!!
p.s. the rhyming was NOT intentional :)