Monday, November 27, 2006

Good Times...

The Turkey Day Weekend started off with fun times at the airport.
I found out the day before that I was on the same flight as the Uncle.
I offered to meet him at his apartment but he insisted that I would make
him late, so I took the bus.
I arrived before him.
The cool thing is that it was the day before Thanksgiving-the most traveled holiday of the year in the U S of A, and it wasn't overly crowded.
No super long lines coupled with excessive waiting time.
I pretty much zipped in and out.

I started to browse the book store.
I love bookstores!
I have wanted read a Ruth Reichel book, ever since Deb from
raved about her.
Well low and behold there was the Ruth Reichel book "Garlic and Saphires", about her journey as restaurant critic of the New York Times.
(great read if you are into that type of thing)

I was pleased as punch as I found a spot and dug into my book.
It was so good.
Then my cell phone rang knocking me out of my book coma.
It was The Uncle telling me to try to get on an earlier flight.

So I put my book away.
And started to make my way to the hostess stand when the phone rang again.
The Uncle told me to forget about it, the plane was sold out.

The Uncle finally showed up and decided that he wanted to tell me that we
were going to be delayed for hours.
He then proceeded to annoy the hostess by asking questions like
"Where was our flight coming from?"
"Has it left its current destination?"

I on the other hand stayed in my seat and tried to read.
He continues his negative talk about us never getting home.
I had to remind him that I don't have faith in him, so I knew that I was getting home.
It got so bad at one point he said "I'm sure you wish I would stop talking and read my book"
"But that would never happen"

Needless to say we boarded the plane only 45 minutes later than we were scheduled.
Not bad for the day before Thanksgiving.

**I did have a great time with The Uncle. He works hard and is usually in work mode
but he was a load of fun all weekend!

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