Friday, August 25, 2006

When Harry Met Sally...

I've been very uninspired to blog this week.
Blame it on the nut job CEO of my company-who is a big baby but I'll blog about that another day.

Alas, I was reading someone else's blog and she asked the age old question:

Can men and women be friends?

Then I started to question my platonic friendships.
There was T, who I admit when I first met him in 2000, I did have a crush on him.
But to be honest, I always have a crush on someone.
Anyhoo, I always thought we were just platonic friends who went out to dinner occasionally, until one the day he went to a poetry slam with me, my brother, and Moosh.
One of the poets starts to spit about being in love with his friend, and how it just drives him crazy when she talks to him about other guys and how hw wishes she could see how much he loves her.

While this was going on T, stood up and was shouting:
"that's right" and "say that's"
like it was Sunday morning at Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist.
Then he turned, grabbed the side of my face and planted a juicy kiss on my cheek!
Moosh, my brother, and I had the same bewildered "what the hell just happened"look on our faces.
I was in shock, but the mother was quick to tell me that any fool could tell he liked me.
I was clueless.

I was still clueless when he needed a place to stay and I offered him Moosh/Kim's old bedroom.

You can imagine the drama that ensued when you pair a girl, who is used to living alone or with roommates who totally understand that when your door is closed it means you need alone time, with a guy that likes said girl but has never told her.

So needless to say all hell broke lose and he said a lot of :
"You never spend time with me, you are always in your room with your door shut talking to your friends"

I said a lot of:
"We aren't a couple we don't have to share everything and have every moment together"

There was way more to our fight but needless to say our friendship is over.

I can't think of any guys that I'm just friends with that aren't gay.

And even my old gay buddy once asked me if we would be together if he was straight.

Oh, I do have one but he is married and we only get together to discuss acting stuff so I wouldn't really call it a friendship.

Do you guys have friendships with the opposite sex?
*and I mean friends-never kissed or held hands or hanging on until he leaves his crazy girlfriend-true friends

KSD all of the guys you were friends with all liked you so they don't count!

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