Tuesday, August 22, 2006

C is for Cookie...

It's about that time of the month for me and I start to crave sweets and mashed potatoes with butter.
My favorite cookie spot in the City, when I don't have time to whip up some homemade ones myself is called:
Ruby et Violette http://www.rubyetviolette.com/

There cookies are soft and gooey!
They have creative flavors like champagne & strawberry chocolate chip and even plain chocolate chip cookies too.

I went there yesterday and ordered the CREME de MENTHE cookies. I have an obsession for the flavor combo of chocolate & mint so I was in heaven.

I didn't think my evening could get any better until the counter lady said:

Counter Lady (CL): Oh, you like mint?

Me: Yes I love it!

CL: Would you like to be my guinea pig?

Me: (huge grin) Oh yes, but I am allergic to nuts!

CL: No, there aren't any nuts in this cookie but I'm testing out next seasons mint offering.
Here taste.

Me: WOW-this taste like an Andes Mint!

CL: That's what it is! Do you like it?

Me: Oh I love it.

CL:Good, that will be our fall mint cookie.

I left thinking how cool it would be to work in a quaint shop and come up with cookie combinations all of the time.
Then I cursed my nut allergy, because I knew they wouldn't hire a girl that couldn't make the nut cookies.

I guess I'm back to acting...

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