Monday, August 21, 2006

It's the most wonderful time of the YEAR!!!

So it is almost Labor Day, and that means-yes-Fall!!!!!!
I know several "Summer Bunnies" will want to end our friendship over this post but I can't help it I love Fall!

I was born in fall.
All hail October 3!!!

Most people feel like the New Year starts January 1.
Not me-
Fall always means a fresh start-It is when you started a new school year. New clothes, shoes, books, teachers, locker...

Now don't get me wrong I don't hate the other seasons but let me break it down:

It is still cold from WINTER and it is W-E-T! I have to slosh around NYC and on top of everything else my apartment floods in heavy rain...

Is a beautiful season, but it is SUPER hot in the NYC when you have to drag yourself around this hot city on the hot ass subway. There are so many people its just gross and hot as hell. Don't believe me and you'll be proved wrong. Just ask the Mother(who swears she likes it HOT)...

I say this season with dread. I hate it! Let me count the ways-
1. Snow-The only time I like snow is at Christmas. It can fall Christmas Eve and go away January 1. It is pretty to look at in Indiana but hellish to walk around in in the NYC. The city packs all of the snow onto the corners. It eventually turns into gray slush that is ever so hard to remove from your cute boots.
2. COLD Wind & Temps- Enough said. I just want to stay in the house.
3. Countless numbers of dreary gray skies.
4. Lack of color in the natural landscape. Just white and gray. No plush green foliage, or colorful leaves that come in fall.

So that brings me back to FALL.
My baby, my hope my joy.
The air has a tinge of coolness.
You look so dashing in your cute fall jacket.
Caramel Apples.
Your makeup doesn't sweat off.
Halloween Candy
Roasted Marshmallows
Uncle JC's soups...

I could go on and on...

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