Friday, August 11, 2006


What qualifies someone to be "family"?
According to Webster's Dictionary a family is:

A group of people sharing common ancestry.

I disagree!

Family is anyone that has mad love for you, and you for them. You have each others backs and take care of one another. They may or may not share "common ancestry".

Here is an example of family (not even blood) being there for me:

Yesterday around 7 p.m. New York City was drenched in a full on Monsoon!
I was stuck under a leaky, rickety piece of scaffolding on 47th & 5th Ave.
(Sidebar-I HATE to be cold & wet, due to the monsoon, I was both! I'm very Kapha, so I wasn't happy)
After my umbrella started to leak-I got a bright idea to call the Redheaded Aunt.
I was praying that she and her car were still in the city.
How happy was I to find that she was on 77th & 5th picking up her boys from her cousins house!
Being the wonderful Aunt that she is she told me that they would wait for me, I just needed to make my way uptown.
And to put icing on the cake:
she told me to hop a cab she would even foot the bill!

But anyone who lives in this CITY knows that it is DAMN near IMPOSSIBLE to get a cab in the rain!
So I swam to Madison Ave and waited for the bus...

and waited...

and waited...

Finally the M1 came and we drugged up Madison Ave.
My glorious Williams Clan (Redheaded Aunt, Uncle JC, Juicy J, Snickers & Lil J) had moved the car to 65th & Madison right at the bus stop so I wouldn't get any wetter than I already was!

But being the fool that I am, I just knew that my bus wouldn't stop there and got off at 63rd and was super drenched by the time I got to the car! So goes my life.

As fate would have it, on our ride to New Roc, the song from which my blog was named started playing! How cool was that!

So all of this to say that family can be anyone that you have mad love for and has mad love for you-so much so that they would wait for your butt in the pouring rain!

DISCLAIMER-Redheaded Aunt please don't kill me for saying that we aren't "blood related"! You don't get angry at many things but this topic seems to set you off. You are closer to me than any other Blood Aunt that I have. And that's real! -Sunshine

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Anonymous said...

Kamilah, I am blessed to have so many real people that are not blood relatives that so love me. I feel for people that think ancestry is about blood relations, they are missing much. You may not even like some of your blood family members and or their behavior nor feel close to them because you have little in common with them which is ok. We are all blessed to have Becky in our lives. I only wish that we could clone her.