Monday, August 07, 2006


I've mentioned hooking up with my "Sugar Daddy" in past post. Everyone doesn't know the story so here we go:

I gotta red headed Auntie that moved from cool ass Brooklyn to New Rochelle (New Roc) for a better life for her kids. (Seems to be a trend among people I'm close to-thanks Safiyah!)
So I am forced to travel on Metro North to New Roc.
It really isn't a big deal I hop on the train in Harlem or at Grand Central and in 30 minutes I'm at my Aunt's house eating good food and catching up with Juicy J, Snickers, and the rest of the Williams clan.
Anyhoo-one day im sitting on the train and an older gentleman about around 65, sits next to me. No big deal, its rush hour, so I knew I wouldn't be sitting alone.

Before I go any further let me describe my outfit:
Work clothes= black pants, and a purple twin set.
My hair was in a snatch back that really needed washing. It was barley hanging on.
No make-up.
So you have a visual I was not flossin or looking very Bossy. Just regular.
I am blessed in the chest area so maybe thats what started this but I digress.

Here is the conversation:

Sugar Daddy(SD): Do you work at Rockerfeller Center?

Me: No

SD: Where do you work?

Me: (nervously) Not too far from there on 6th ave.

SD: I thought I saw you in my building. You must have a twin in my building.

Me: No siblings in NYC!

SD: My office just moved to Rockerfeller. I love it. All of the guys and ladies checking each other out at lunchtime.

Me: Nervous laughter-thinking its weird to hear an older man talking about "checking people out"

SD: My old office was at the Empire State and no one eats outside around there.

Me: Well the weather is so nice that people want to be out. (I start to read my magazine a clear signal that I don't want to talk!)

SD: You know I was talking to one of the ladies in my office. She was telling me all the things women have to do to look good. Clothes, shoes, hair. It seems to get very expensive.
I suggested that women need a clothing allowance.

Me: Wouldn't that be nice.

SD: We could work something out. (Snicker)

Me: Silence

SD: This City has so much to offer, but I don't want to go out alone. I'm separated from my wife and I have this great apartment in the City. I told my friends that I need a companion. Just someone to take the the nicest restaurants and see the Broadway shows. I tried the Village Voice. Have you heard of the Village Voice?

Me: Yes (with a shady side glance)

SD: Oh-I didn't get an escort, but I answered some personal ads and people are not what they appear to be on paper. I decided if I see a lady that I like I will just approach her.

Me: Weak smile(translation- "Oh hell to the naw!")

SD: I would pay you $50-$75 an hour to accompany me to the theatre and dinner. All top of the line. We could even discuss the clothing allowance.

Me: I'm not really comfortable with the fact that you are married. (Translation: U have got to be kidding. I'm not interested in sleeping with a wrinkled white man)

SD: separated. (As his wedding band catches a sun ray)

Me: I'm still not comfortable.

SD: No problem

We ride the rest of the way in silence. Then my stop comes.

Me: Well, I'm getting off now. You totally made my evening. (I know I'm too nice)

SD: I could make your night and morning!

I rush off the train. I had a weird mix of wanting to vomit and the need to call everyone I know so we could die laughing!

So now it is the running joke everytime I go see a play or do anything extra curricular-"Did Mr. Grinowsky take you to see the show"-etc. etc. etc.

Needless to say I didn't take him up on his offer, but sometimes I wish I did, when the $$$ is low.

Whats a girl get for INTEGRITY?


KShaD said...

Hilarious!! Even though I'd heard the story, it was funnier to read! So if you had a second encounter with Mr G, would you take him up on it? Would it be different if Mr. G was black and attractive?

EzyBreezy said...

hmmph..don't u love fine dining and the theater? sounds a bit more promising than going dutch with a complete loser..but, the what about..separated vs. "player" (no matter the age/race!)..but, if he was...ur the only one with the keys to the goody no worries there...

maybe..just a missed opportunity? Life is all about an adventure..and what if Mr. G was black/mixed or otherwise attractive? Would u have done it for free then? why? Was Mr. G. the the complete turn off or was the money?

interesting dilemma...

Sunshine said...

To answer the questions:
1.If I saw Mr. G again would I do it?-Hell to the Naw! I feel like taking money for sex and dates is prostitution any way you look at it. I would be a call girl with one John. Some people don't see it that way but I do. No Thanks!

2. Would it be different if he was Black or my age?-No. If he was black I would expect him to know better if he had a good mama! But then again he would still be a man!
If he was my age then I would be dating him. It would be a mutal shared experience. I've never been one to have men pay my rent and that sort of thing. I wasn't raised like that.