Friday, October 13, 2006

Stare o'Shame...

I was riding the "6" train on my way to babysit for Baby Safiyah, when I noticed the woman sitting next to me touching her face and getting very close to her nose.

I went into stare mode.
I wanted to shame her into not picking her nose on a public train.
I wanted her to know that she was not being sneaky, that I saw her, in plain view!
And that she was nasty!

I also stared to make sure she wasn't trying to itch her nose.
That has happened to all of us.
Your nose is itching like crazy, and you need to scratch it but you don't want to make
it seem like you are digging for gold!

So I continued to stare as her fingers did a slow drag near her nostrils.
But she didn't do it.
Thank God.
Because I probably would have had to move my seat and I was quite comfy.

I was trying to figure out why the stare mode works or where I even got it from.
I realize that it is a mother technique.
If you were out in public and started doing something foolish then your mother
would stare you down.
And you knew to stop because you were caught and were going to get your butt beat later.

So maybe the girl on the train had the same kinda of mother & realized I had caught her
with my stare, so she stopped.

The worst is when I pull out my stare and it doesn't work.
I live in Jackson Heights, Queens which is a major mix of Asian, Middle Eastern, Columbian, & Dominican peoples. (needless to say I am one of the few African-American chicks at my train stop)
One day on the "F" train this man was diggin for gold in his nose.
I pulle dout my stare and nothing.
He kept on digging and flicking his boogers!
I then pulled out my mean black mama, don't make me come over there gaze.
He kept right on digging!
I don't get it!
Maybe the stare is cultural to America because the girl on the "6" train was Caucasian.

KSD noticed that I like to "parent" children and people.
Maybe that is it.
I guess some other people would just turn away or move seats, where as I bring out the STARE!

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