Monday, October 30, 2006

Time to grow up...

I have decide to embark upon a career.
I found a job at the Food Network that I am applying for in the Marketing Department.

It looks fab!
Now don't get sad, I love acting.
I couldn't ever totally leave it but I have to make money.
I am sick of doing jobs that pay nothing wishing that my big acting break will come through.

I could go into teaching.
That is what my degree is in and I'm good at it.
If all else fails that is what I will do.
I am a little reluctant because I have to get certified and that involves lots of test.
I don't like test.

So I am off to the library to score some "how to write an awesome cover letter" books.
I'm hoping that will get me in the door.
My amazing personality will get me the job.
The resume is a little shaky due to years of temping, but I've got mad skillz man!
Hopefully the cool people at Food Network will notice.

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