Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Slips n'Trips...

I admit it, I am clumsy! I will fall or stumble at the drop of a hat.
In my dating days (I'm on a long break) I would wear my really high heels
and inform the lucky fella that I would be clutching on to him for dear life
for the rest of the night...(They liked it)

I've been this way for as long as I can remember and NYC doesn't help
with its cracked sidewalks and slippery man hole covers.

I usually spend most of my time looking at the ground so I'll notice if the sidewalk has a dent in it the size of that great hole in Arizona.
But I've gotten cocky...
I haven't fallen in public in a couple of months, so I haven't been looking at the ground.
I've been taking in this great city.
And then it happened (and I knew it would)
I toppled...Yesterday.
Not a fall exactly.
I was in front of Dylan's candy bar minding my own biz noticing how azure the sky was
and my left foot flipped on its side.
I was able to catch myself & let out a loud chuckle that let all of the passer bys know that I
was alright.

But I was embarrassed, I always am when I fall.

And It doesn't matter my size, or the height of my heel.
Hell, yesterday I had on flats!

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