Monday, September 25, 2006

Control Freak...

I have never considered myself a control freak. Never.
I am a worker bee.
Give me a task and I will do it.
I generally don't like to be in charge.
Until I decided to have a birthday party.
This is going to be a little fete.
Game night with about 8 people.
No big deal, until I decided I wanted to have a tablescape...
I watch to much "semi-home made" on Food network and the old show from Style network
called "your invited".
Both shows, give detailed descriptions of how to throw a cool azz party for cheap.
And I also came across an "In-Style Party Guide" book.
So I'm totally wrapped into throwing my own b-day party.

The Red Headed Aunt insisted on buying me a cake.
(I was going to make it)
But I am making the food and decorating.
A couple people have given suggestions on what I should serve but this is my b-day
not theirs.
I'm serving good finger food.
But no pigs in a blanket.
I don't like it and never have, even as a kid.
So get over it.

I'm actually having fun planning this.
I really don't want anyone to blindly surprise me with a bridal or baby shower.
I would want to be totally involved in the planning process.
That is control freakish behavior.

But I don't feel bad if the only thing I'm control freakish about are parties that I'm throwing!

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Anonymous said...

Would the pigs in a blanket be a dig at me? :)