Friday, September 01, 2006

Friends...How many of us Have them?

I never had trouble making friends.
I am pretty agreeable, funny, and have a big smile.
I always had a "click" of girlfriends.
I always had a "best" friend:

Kindergarten/First grade: KSD
Second-I truly don't remember
Fourth/Fifth-Dawn Brown
Middle School-Tish Jefferson
9th Grade-Ebony WB & KSD
10th-12th: Ebony, KSD & Adri
College: Moni D, Moosh, & KSD
Adult Life in NYC-Moosh, Marl, & Matt, later-KSD-and other people who I'd hang out with.

Current-All of my Best buds have moved away or we have fallen out.

This is really hard for me!

I have always had someone that I can hang out with at all times!
It truly started when Moosh moved in September 2005.
We have known each other since highschool, but through dating 2 guys that were best friends we really got close.
My life plan was to move to NYC to pursue my acting career, when I finished undergrad.
Her plan was to become a psychologist, and to my glee she was accepted to Grad school in Queens!
So once again we were together, navigating the single life in NYC.
We had a ball. We had crazy experiences, so many that we all ways joke that we should write a book about "dating in the NYC".
We always had each others backs and it was great.
Then she moved back to Indy...
And my gay husband broke up with me, and Marl hardly ever returns my phone calls, KSD is a new mom, and I'm alone.

But I'm trying not to be sad about it, I'm trying to forge new friendships but it is hard to make friends as an adult!
I do have Kimmy, but I'm sure I drive her nutty!

My mother has come up with a solution that just might work...


So the meeting is on September 9th, where I plan on reactivating and joining committee groups and making I can have a social life again.
Lord please!

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