Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sell Out, Sucka, HYPOCRITE...

Sad but true, I am all of the above!!!
I posted a couple of months ago that I will never get on Myspace because I am too old!
Well I did it!
Straight up Sucka that I am!!!
Actually it wasn't my fault I will blame it on my favorite cousins-CoCo & Big Dave.
See I used to check up on them through "the space".
You can actually look at peoples pages without having one yourself.
Then those fools set there pages to private!
What the hell!!!!!
Over the Christmas break they informed me that it was "tough Love".
Damn them!
But it worked!
And now IM officially on the space.
It is like crack!

I'll hook everyone up with the link when it is hooked up.

In the meantime check out my home girl Adrienne's blog:
We go way back to the North Central Days.
One day when my silly self gets a new digital camera I too will have pics...

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