Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Funtimes at the Callback...

I had a blast at the callback.
16 people were there and they are going to cast 9-12.
There were only 4 girls so the odds are good.
Each person had to pitch an idea for a sketch to the producers.
4 of the pitches will be selected for the group to try out.
My pitch was one of the ones selected.
We only had a short time to prepare it.
It came out OK but I think once developed it will be so funny!
We played several Improv games.
I kept thinking I'm having such a good time-someone wants to pay me to do this?!
They said we would know either way but Thursday.
God is good! Life is good!
I have another audition for a different sketch group tonight.
Watch me break a leg!!

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