Thursday, April 12, 2007

Audition #2....

Ok, I knew I bombed this audition last night.
I wasn't getting any of the games, and my partner was low energy.
It just was bad.
So when my friend Kristen e-mailed me and told me I didn't make it.
Lets just say I wasn't shocked.

I had so much fun at the other sketch audition.
I felt alive and excited.
Not so much last night.
But so is life!

No word yet on the other troop.
Matter of fact my cell hasn't rang all day!!!
I'm still keeping the faith!

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Anonymous said...

Today I bombed an audition, but immediately afterwards I aced the next audition. Problem: the auditions were for the same movie... I read for two roles back to back. I wish that I had just read for the second role. Because, although I blew them away with the second character, they still have me on tape looking like a total inept performer in the first audition. I was glad to have at least vindicated even showing up to the audition. But I fear that they may use it against me despite my stellar 2nd performance. I had the sides for 24hrs and I studied the one I bombed a bit more because I had trouble finding the truth and it is that kind of role that I need to work on most. Y'know there are some roles you immediately know what to do and others that take lots more digging. If I can never conquer the parts that require digging, then I'm afraid I'm wasting my time.