Monday, July 24, 2006


Oprah is revisiting her "bootcamp" episode today.
Why can't I buckle down and do the bootcamp?
12 weeks to minus 25-30 lbs! WOW! I could use that weight loss! Plus it would be just in time for my birthday. I just want a buddy to do it with!
That would help! Just the Libra in me wanting a partner! My friends here in NYC are skinny.
Its hard to do the bootcamp with abuddy long distance. Cuz I get really gung ho then slack off like most of America! I'm sick of having 2 stomachs!
Gotta do something!
Please help me Tom Cruise! Do your magic! -I really want to see the new Will Farrell movie!


Anonymous said...

I am about you looking great and starting to live your life.. lets work on a plan.. ill be your partner.. everyone needs to have a healthier lifestyle. Jasmin

Sunshine said...

JS-That is really sweet of you!

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with a body ... but find the inner you to help you be motivated (this from a gal who will only workout w/ her trainer, I know!)LOL

And NO, not all your friends in NYC are skinny ... me skinny ... oh man, that's funny:)

Anonymous said...

i may not be in the area anymore, but i feel you on the whole weight thing. looking great is the key. i can be your long distance partner!

p.s. does Mr. Grinowsky have a friend? Can he wire me money to my BoilerExpress account?