Monday, July 24, 2006


Its always an issue!
My current job printed my credit report and I had it sent to me, wow!
This is sad!
I have to grow up and start climbing out of D-E-B-T! Which sucks because I want to move to a better apartment! My current apartment in Queens floods and with all of the rain that we have had since March-I've been screwed! It smells damp and there is mold growing on my walls.
I know, I know I should move (I hear you Daddy) but...
how can you save $$$,enjoy a movie & dinner, get your hair done, and pay off your bills on $30-something a year?
Riddle me that!

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Anonymous said...

OK ... I know it's not all about money, yes, I understand though .. there are certain necessities (some might claim their luxuries, but I don't) that a gal just can't live w/o ... good 4 you looking for options that offer a diversity of benefits, you go girl!