Thursday, July 27, 2006

For the LOVE of Beyonce...

I will admit it, I am a Beyonce fan.
I love her music and videos(not her acting). I actually get super excited when she has a new video coming out.

To be honest, when I first heard "Deja Vu" on the radio, I thought it was ok. But I knew with all of the radio play it would totally grow on me.

But I couldn't wait for the video.
Beyonce videos always deliver!
I mean the booty shake "uh-oh" dance that the "Crazy in Love" video gave us was Revolutionary.
There was nothing like being at the club in the summer of '03 and "Crazy In Love" would come on and all the ladies (including me) would do the botty shake. It was fantabulous!

So I waited with baited breath , with my friend Kameelah,(also a Beyonce fan) as we downloaded the new video on her lap top.

Needless to say, I was disappointed! I couldn't believe it.
Beyonce always brings it!

But this was just ok.
No cute dance moves that I could do at the club.
Just some crazy African type dancing.
I did like her back bend.
But she did that in the "Check on It" video. No big Whoop to see it twice.

Do you understand how I could watch the "Check On It" video over and over and never get sick of it.
Or better yet the moves from the 2005 BET AWARDS the she put on Terrance Howard.
My then roommate, Maisha, and I tried to get those moves down pact for weeks.

But there is nothing in the new video that I wanted to duplicate.
And don't even get me started on Janet Jackson's boring video with Nelly...


Kameelah said...

Hey there SUNSHINE!!! I'm lovin' the blog! You know I appreciate the insights, especially as a fellow Beyonce fan (why are you sooo right about the Check on it video...NEVER got old). Anyway...happy blogging and its nice to know I'll have a site to visit daily with my new mommy schedule! :)

Buddha said...

Yo sis the video sucks. That girl B is trying to hard. Her hip shaking moves and the African dancing are way to much.

Now as for Jay-z's part its great hes cool, laid back, and relaxed. I guess after years in the game you really dont have to try so hard. Kinda like me

Love Buddha