Friday, January 18, 2008

Oh to play catch up!

The Colored Museum-was a success sort of...Due to lack luster ticket sales we only did Sunday's performance, which meant my dad flew to NYC for nothing. Thing is I got a great monologue out of it and I had a ball. Plus the friendships I made were everlasting.

"Why We Wax"-This was my first experience with editing. Never tell people that you are in something. I was originally supposed to be the focus of the movie. I invitied all my NY fam and co workers to the premiere, and I was in it for like 1 minute. DAMN! The director decided to go another route. I had fun and got a free wax from the best ladies in the biz. But damn they could have warned a sista as I would have gone by myself istead bringing 10 other people with me. Lesson learned.

Which leads me here to NOTHING.
I gotta get some help because I really stand in my own way.

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