Tuesday, August 21, 2007

UPDATE:: I need another beauty habit like i need a hole on the head

I totally forgot to mention that last Tuesday I officially became "Brazilian" and I loved it!! I did major meditation/yoga breathing and pulled through like a champ.
(i do have a high pain tolerance so don't go based on my experience)
I went to the best and first place to bring Brazilian waxes to the US-J Sisters!
And to top it all off I had the original J Sister Jane. She is the one who decided to go to America and wax in the 80's. She was fab! I'm hooked on them now.
I must be a closest exhibitionist because I wasn't put off by the camera. Plus I knew they were only shooting my face.
Jane did tell me that i will now attract a boyfriend...

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rasdawta said...

so if i want one too, does it mean i'm a closet exhibitionist too? hmmmmm, you could be on to something here....