Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I will blog the journey...

My first practice is next Monday.
Since I have 3 very different parts, I will start to memorize my lines ASAP!
Tres important!

I know this will be a fun and interesting experience!
I pray that I make good friends out of it.
You can never have too many good friends.

Did I blog about the hair oil photo shoot?
If not here goes:
My friend Marlene's mother is a hairdresser and has used her own
concoction of hair oil on her clients for years.
They have decided to market it and sell it.
Marlene has asked me to represent the natural girl in the
photo shoot.
How cool.
Now even though I'm half permed half natural
when my hair is twisted or rod set it looks all natural so that's the look I'll
My old buddy Joanne is doing our makeup!
I'm so excited!

Saturday Marlene's mom will determine if some of my permed hair needs to be cut!
Yes I know, I've rocked the fro in the past, but I don't really want a fro right now.
I love my pony tail!
But I'm not missing this opportunity!
So I'll cut if I must...

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